Hi! I'm Corbin Chanter
Welcome to Corbin-Smiles
This is my Mom & Dad
I know there are not enought smiles in the world...
Look around my website and see
if you can find one for youself today!
Scarlett and Trey can’t imagine their lives without Corbin, an outgoing, upbeat 21-year-old who was born with Down syndrome – a chromosomal anomoly – at a time when doctors wondered if their joy shadowed denial. Corbin's birth was a truly joyous occasion celebrated by family, friends and community.
Corbin attended regular education classes at Lake Oswego HS with modifications as needed.  He participated  in all LOHS Drama productions. While a talented artist, Corbin's true passion is acting and his dream is to become a movie star!
Scarlett and Trey have the same expectations for Corbin as their other four children...to become an independently functioning adult with goals and aspirations.
In the past 21 years, Corbin’s challenges have never held him back from being himself, having fun, and inspriring others. And when he accomplishes a goal, whether small or large, everyone in Corbin’s life celebrates.