Corbin Chanter with Lake Oswego City Council
Corbin Chanter Down Syndrome DSNOR Buddy Walk Poster
Corbin Chanter Spring Fling Prince
Corbin Chanter at Junior Prom
Corbin Chanter Senior Prom Date
Corbin Chanter flying plane
Corbin Chanter getting his wings
Corbin Chanter Nike Go award
Corbin Chanter Track Award
I met Lake Oswego's Mayor the other day and I'm working on the commissioned art work now - Stop by soon to see the presentation - The Mayor said it would be on TV!
Corbin with Dad
Sure enought, I graduated from High School
I was elected as the Seniors' Spring Fling PrinceĀ 
This was the Presentation by the Senior Girls
Attended my Junior & Senior Prom - My Mom drove.... Rats!!
Was one of the "Poster" kids for our local Buddy Walk - That's me on the right as Batman
With some of my friends at the Buddy Walk
Yep! That's me flying and getting my wings
Thank You Challenge Air
At the Nike Campus here in PortlandĀ 
Nike put on a "Go" program for challanged kids and sure enought I learned how to golf!
I went out for Track at Lake Oswego HS
While I wasn't very fast, I did my best
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Corbin Chanter High School Graduation
Corbin Chanter DSNOR 2011 Buddy Walk
DSNOR 2011 Buddy Walk
My Dad has been very lazy and not updated my Website in years.
He promises to do better.
I just competed in a Dance contest with a friend
and we won!