My Tee Shirts are prewashed in hot water and then dried in a dryer for maximum shrinkage before the image is applied. They come in sizes from toddler to adult. Not all images are available in all sizes.
Kids Tee Shirts are $20 & Adult Tee Shirts are $25
Corbin-Smiles Tee Shirt Customer
Another happy client! While the smile is guaranteed....
for a hug you have to come to the
Lake Oswego Saturday Market
Here are the images available - Please email my Assistant (aka Mom) to order
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"Lady Bugs"
"La Vida es Bella"
Corbin-Smiles Bee Happy Tee Shirt
"Bee Happy"
Corbin-Smiles Full Steam Ahead Tee Shirt
"Full Steam Ahead"
Corbin-Smiles I Don't Know Tee Shirt
Mom asked me what this was
and I said
"I Don't Know"
Corbin-Smiles La Vita e Bella Tee Shirt
"La Vita e Bella"
Corbin-Smiles Wormhead Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles La Vie est Belle Tee Shirt
"La Vie est Belle"
Corbin-Smiles Life is Beautiful Tee Shirt
"Life is Beautiful"
Corbin-Smiles Guys in Hats Tee Shirt
"Guys in Hats"
Corbin-Smiles Jazz Tee Shirt
Corbin-SmilesWhirligig Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Nurture Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles The Kite Runner Tee Shirt
"The Kite Runner"
Corbin-Smiles Stalking Spirits Tee Shirt
"Stalking Spirits"
Corbin-Smiles Potter's Adventure Tee Shirt
"Potter's Adventures"
Corbin-Smiles Throne Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Heart Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Good Friends Tee Shirt
"Good Friends"
Corbin-Smiles Cathedral Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Full Bloom Tee Shirt
"Full Bloom"
Corbin-Smiles Goth Groupies Tee Shirt
"Goth Groupies"
Corbin-Smiles Causiwassaus Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Gem Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Jazz Band Tee Shirt
"Jazz Band"
Corbin-Smiles The Kite Runner II Tee Shirt
"The Kite Runner II"
Corbin-Smiles Falling Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Fortress Tee Shirt
Corbin-Smiles Passages Tee Shirt